Why Choose SNS ?.

We provide everything you need to keep your technology running at its optimal level, so you can concentrate on what’s really important ..

Open Source Software

The opportunities with open source are tremendous: lower costs, greater agility, better reliability, improved security, and increased innovation.

ACT Now!

Switch to Linux. You'll receive an operating system that matches your exact needs, a system that runs critical applications in a reliable, secure environment that protects your valuable assets, and a system that increases the productivity of your work forces.

Go Cloud - SaaS / PaaS

on-demand access, Elasticity, Pay per use, Connectivity, Resource pooling, Abstracted infrastructure, Little or no commitment.

We can build a custom cloud to meet your business needs (load-balance, Content Delivery Network CDN, storage, VPN, etc).



Commitment ..

Our commitment is to improving businesses with advanced technology. Applying I.T. Solutions’ experience offering superior information technology services, our professionals are committed to staying on top of trends, new technologies, and network systems best practices.

Escalate your Business

Don't have CRM Would like to increase your sales, improve your staff performance, we'll help you to escalate your business with innovation CRM/ERP.

We provide our customers Innovation solutions that could be scaled from small, medium to the Enterprise, as well as Could Computing to reduce TCO, support & running cost overheads.


Seraj Network Solutions (SNS) mission helping customers to implement, deploy and support integrated, reliable, cost-effective business systems and solutions.

Deploying and supporting a reliable technology infrastructure is not an easy task. SNS offers a full line of systems integration and support services (custom-tailored) to fit your business needs. We will help your organization make the most of its technology investment.

Our highly-trained staff of systems engineers provides a full range of consulting services for planning and implementing the most appropriate infrastructure for your organization.